PRODUCTS – Health is in the cup of tea

Tea sipping is like aromatherapy for your digestive and nervous system, which are being soothed by the effects of essential oils in the flowers of lavender and chamomile. Tea combines the relaxing features of lavender and chamomile with refreshing lemon balm. It has mild and harmonious taste and fresh and pleasant smell. It is ideal as a night drink, to calm down all your senses, It contains only dry flowers and leaves, with no color or flavor additives.

A breath of freshness and freedom. Tea contains precious features of three herbs, known in herbal tradition as beneficial for respiratory system: elderberry flowers, mint and eucalyptus leaves. The mint is characteristic for its natural benefits for digestive functions of your organism. The healing properties of elderberry flower are reflected in its wide array of effects on the body: for flu and colds, to be used as a mouthwash, for detoxification, for asthma and allergies. This hot beverage is especially recommended during cold winter days with a spoon of honey.

The recipe of this tea is designed for your heart and all its senses. Hawthorn’s and yarrow’s combined healing properties are beneficial for the heart, while St John’s Wort is responsible for the sense of wellbeing and it is also called the „goodwill plant“. St John’s Wort represents a wonderful universe of miraculous actions and there it is literarily beneficial for every part of human body as well as for the mind. And finally, the rose hip, in addition to healing properties, it gives this tea harmonies taste and it naturally neutralizes the caffeine in it.

Marigold tea

Marigold is a plant that radiates beauty and strong yellow-orange color that resembles the sun. The special value of this beauty is an extremely therapeutic contents in its flowers and leaves and it is rightly known by many experts in natural values as a magical herb. Healing properties of marigold tea: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, enhances healing of burns, bites and swelling, cleanses the blood and lowers cholesterol, eases painful menstruations, prevents urinary infections, helps strengthen the immune system and helps with hormonal problems.

Aronia leaf tea

The healing properties of Aronia have been known to American Indians for centuries. From there, Aronia was transferred to Siberia, therefore it is often called the Siberian arnica. Aronia leaf contains a lot of vitamins including: vitamin A, C, E and very rear vitamin P, as well as B group vitamins: B2, B6, B9.

Aronia leaf tea is beneficial in following ways: it releases the toxins from the body, elevates immunity, improves circulation, cleanses the blood and blood vessels, stabilizes the function of thyroid gland, reduces the level of gastric acid and calms the stomach.

Lavender tea

The name of lavender is derived from the Latin word Lavare which means to wash it off. That’s due to the fact that it is commonly used in baths for the purification of mind and spirit. The Romans used to enrich their baths with lavender flowers and the Greeks used it for healing.

Lavender tea is used to treat: anxiety and depression, stress and insomnia, stomach and digestion, impaired circulation, muscle cramps and stiffness, urinary tract, allergies, cough, sinusitis, laryngeal infections, acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Immortelle essential oil

Immortelle is a medicinal herb which, in a variety of ways contributes to human health. Immortelle plays an important role in traditional medicine of the Mediterranean countries, although the popularity of this plant is rapidly expanding throughout the rest of the world. The most useful parts of the plant are flowers and leaves and immortelle oil is used for the following problems:

Skin inflammation
Wound healing
Liver diseases
Gallbladder problems
Muscle and joint inflammation
Stomach pain

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most appreciated and most commonly used oils in aromatherapy.

Lavender essential oil can affect the following problems:

Eradication or reduction of pain
Urinary tract
Respiratory system
Skin care
Relaxation of muscles
Natural protection against mosquitoes
Reduction of stress
To relieve menstrual problems
For acne prone skin