The group of medicinal herbs includes about 1700 species belonging to about 90 botanical families. Among them, about 50 species are in regular production, while others are found in wildlife. Medicinal, aromatic and spicy plants are herbs, which, with their chemical composition, affect the healing of certain diseases, improve the taste and smell of food and medicines, and their essential oils are often incorporated into cosmetic industry and perfumery products. They take a very important place in both, nutrition and healing. Every third medicinal preparation used in modern medicine is extracted from plants or with participation of herbal products.

However, apart from their healing substances, medicinal herbs are beneficial to the mental and emotional state, and its use in the form of essential oils, tinctures and teas also treat many health problems. Activity of herbs that contribute to psychological recovery with their specific colors and scents can be called amazing and subtle. We can only say wonderful and subtle for the affect of herbs which contribute to psychological recovery by their color and smell – which has been confirmed by numerous scientific researches.

As traditional nutrition and production of natural remedies has been returning in recent years, there was an increase in the interest for medicinal, aromatic and spicy herbs. By constantly increasing demand for these materials, there is a growing need for increased cultivation of medicinal and spicy herbs on arable land.